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In the last 7 years, El Toledo Coffee Farm has been innovating with a lot of research. As a result we opened world's first coffee fruit micro-winery







Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to do in Atenas

What to do in Atenas? 
In this page you will find things to do in Atenas from my experience.

Welcome to Atenas, my name is Gabriel Calderon V.
I live in Atenas since I was born

Let me tell you what you can find in Atenas, my native town!

Let's start with acomodations!
celebrate your life

Infrastructure in atenas is good, we have plenty of Restaurants; we can spend one week eating in different places and we will never be tired of having the same! Hotels; we have many places to stay, not very big hotels (who want to be in a big hotel anyway, you can not find the real costa rica there) but very nice places where you can enjoy spending a night or weeks! sports centers, are you good at working out? there are gyms, soccer fields, swiming pools etc.

There is going to be a Post for each category!

CATUCA is our local turist and comerce center! they help a lot the town to go forward, helping with ferias, festivals, organicing the people in such a wonderful way to keep everybody working for only one purpose, keek atenas being the best climate for its people!

What am I doing in Atenas?

El toledo Coffee
I grew up in a Coffee farm, now it's an organic coffee farm,We are proccesing our beans and doing Coffee tours, this is the picture with my wife and our coffee, but I created this for talking about my town, if you want more info about our coffee go to: El Toledo Coffee Tour

Do you want to learn Spanish?
There are Spanish Schools if you are interested in learning from profetional in the spanish teaching programs! Spanish and Fun is one of them! Spanish Immersion! Su Espacio, the comunity center in from of the gas station is one of them, too!

I want to hear your opinion! let me know what you want to find here!

  1. Hiking!
  2.  Bycicling! El Toledo Mountain Biking!
  3. Horse back Riding!
  4. Knowing about sugar cane mills!
  5. Knowing about old History!
  6. Knowing about Coffee Plantations! Coffee tour!
  7. Visiting Nursery Homes!
  8. Visiting orfanage!
  9. What about visiting A water fall! In atenas? yes!
  10. Be a Volunteer cleaning Rivers!
  11. Be a Volunteer at the schools!
  12. Be Volunteer at women orquid organization!
  13. Visiting Hydroponic growing vegtable garden!
  14. Being a volunteer in an organic coffee plantation!
  15. Hiking through the mountains!
  16. Looking at a very old train bridge and its canyon! 
I'll be creating new posts one for every category!
  Send me a email if you want to know more about what Atenas has!

There is also a news paper on line you can get called Atenas Today! it's a Pdf file, easy to read!it's also very easy to find!

Provably in another post I'll talk about what you can find close to Atenas so you can know you can use our town to stay while visiting different and interesting places, but this is what you can find in most of the pages or websites! so, let's just talk about Atenas!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Volunteering in Atenas

Volunteer at a coffee farm

Atenas has a great amount of things to volunteer in!

you can get in touch with Tina at Su Espacio, this is a comunity center that offers different programs of volunteering!

Through Su Espacio you can go to do great help in more than these oportunities:

  1. Woman orquit Farm
  2. Volunteering at a coffee farm go to Volunteer, El Toledo to see more!
  3. Orphanage
  4. Handicaped Center
  5. Organic Coffee farm
  6. Cleaning Services to the comunity!
  7. Cleaning Rivers!
  8. Helping at Schools!
  9. Teaching English to Ticos!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mountain biking tours, new!

*El Toledo Mountain Biking
Are you interested in biking through places only costaricans know! we are opening a bicycling tours operations where we want to enjoy as we offer you a whole different Idea of biking!

it's recreational!
it's unique!
it's to everybody, I mean, not big experience require!
it's around the mountains of atenas and the slopes of the poas volcano (Grecia)!
it's created for everybody, not for big groups, not tourist places!
it's with great natural beauty! Great view to the central valley (poas-Atenas), and to the pacific ocean (Atenas only)! finding hidden waterfalls and caves as well as visiting springs where pure water is collected (Grecia only)

There are going to be a bunch of options you could pick where you want the ride or how long you would like to be discovering our secret places, or if you want it all down hill!

We are not located on flat areas, but this is an advantage instead of an obstacle, this actually an advantage because if you have not good resilience, we can take you up hill by car, and then just enjoy the wonderful areas we are going to discover!

We are going to start with brand new bicycles, and very well equipment to provide you a safety biking!

El Toledo Mountain Biking Tours!
Biking through mountains and different hills covered with coffee plantations with great scenic and natural beauty; Atenas: Great View to the ocean from 30 miles away! Grecia: On the slopes of the poas volcano with Beautiful waterfalls and great caves and springs.
We’ll take you to places where only locals know, not crowded at all!
Biking through cloud forest!

We offer different levels of difficulty, custom made trips adapted to your experience (from beginners)

El Toledo prices and timing!
El Toledo Organic coffee Tour: 2 h, $15
El Toledo Mountain Biking tours: The tree categories include: T-shirts, Fruits and snacks  breaks, and  Hydrants!
1. Beginners: 2h $40

3. Intermediate:  3h, $45

5. Advance: 5h $50

Want to know more! send us an Email to ask if we are ready for what you want to experience!

Only previously booked! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ocean view hike!

Do you know there is a place to hike in Atenas?

Great Hike!

Amazing View!

There is a place we can go to hike, it's not in a forest, it's through the sorrounding mountains of Atenas, in which you can see along the way the pacific occean! it's a great wide view you will find if the weather allow it!

get in touch through this email for more info!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Places to stay in Atenas


This is the list of hotels and contact info!

They might not be clasify as hotels, but who cares, a B&B can be better, nicer, cleaner, etc. people from Atenas call them all Hotels, not B&B. or whatever!
  1. Hotel Vista Atenas
Tel: 2446-4272
Cel: 8317-6993

2: Hotel Orchid tree costa rica:
  1. Hotel Colinas del Sol
Tel:  2446-4244
  1. Hotel Poco Cielo
  2. Hotel Paraiso Verde
  1. Hotel Huetares
  1. Hotel Villas de la colina
  2. Hotel Anas'place
  3. you can also count with a lot of rent homes! or rooms with a host families!
This is a list of hoses you can rent as well as apartments!

  1. Apartment in Los Altos de San Isidro, one bedroom, one kitchen, one lundryroom, and great landscape! want to know more? go to Apartment

Sunday, May 13, 2012

List of places to eat!



    1. Chichorronera El Trapiche! actually, in here you can see how sugar cane become our brown sugar!

      Tel: 2446-7511

      La trilla

      La casita del cafe

      El cafetal

      El toro

      La trocha del boyero

      chicharronera don Yayo

      Fiesta de las pupusas salvadorenas



      Soda Tio mano

      Soda las tres hermanas

      El Guanacaste

      and much more that I need to remember!